Compete to be world’s best student trader!

Current competition: Final (invite only) - Closed now!!


Ride your profits, cut your losses

You now can participate in a competition to become the best ‘student trader’ in the world and experience the atmosphere and excitement of being a financial markets trader. Through this unique and fun event, you can learn and experience what it takes to be a professional trader.


We have an overall Winner!!

See under Ranking Final in the Menu at the top where we have published the ranking of the Final and the overall winner of the Traders Trophy 2018!

Thank you for joining this Traders Trophy 2018,

Hope you all enjoyed sitting on the seat of a market maker and experienced how to make money.

Team Financial Games


What is next?

Please stay in contact with your own University and /or Finance Professor to enjoy more Oxyor Simulations.

You can send us a mail ( if your University hasn't got yet the opportunity to implement the use these simulations.


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